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Welcome to AUSI Snorkelling. The World's first on-line snorkel agency. AUSI Snorkelling as described by the AUSI Snorkelling Standards, offers many, internationally recognised, recreational snorkel programs.

AUSI defines three major snorkelling disciplines:

Snorkel Swimming

Snorkel Swimming is an in water activity using a mask, snorkel and fins while maintaining positive buoyancy at all times.

Snorkel Diving

Snorkel Diving is an open water breath-hold activity using a mask, snorkel and fins with the intention of going below the surface while holding your breath.

Free diving

Free Diving is breath-hold diving to depths beyond nine metres (30ft) and because of its inherent potential dangers requires specialist training.

AUSI Snorkel Swimming Certification Programs

The AUSI Snorkel Swimming Instructor Program is a specifically designed program that allows allied professionals (such as: outdoor education teachers, surf life savers, swimming teachers and surfing instructors) to teach the fundamentals of snorkelling.

AUSI Snorkel Diving Certification Programs

Snorkel Pathway

Click on the Snorkel Pathway to view the detail of the AUSI Snorkelling Programs.

The table below shows the depth requirements for the various AUSI Snorkelling awards, candidates must be able to comfortably breath-hold dive to the relevant depth:

Certification Level

Snorkel Diver

Snorkel Guide

Snorkel Diver Instructor

Level 1

3 metres (10ft)

6 metres (20ft)

6 metres (20ft)

Level 2

6 metres (20ft)

9 metres (30ft)

9 metres (30ft)

Level 3

9 metres (30ft)

12 metres (40ft)

12 metres (40ft)


  1. The certifying instructor shall be at the same level or higher than the level of AUSI Snorkel Diver certification being issued eg to issue a Level 3 Snorkel Diver certification the instructor must be an AUSI Level 3 Snorkel Diver Instructor or higher.
  2. For depths greater than 9 metres (30ft) see AUSI Free Diver Specialty.

AUSI Snorkel Instructor

AUSI Training Materials

AUSI Definitions, Procedures, Forms, Standards, Teaching Guidelines and Snorkel Course Notes can be downloaded FREE, all you have to do is register. However, some files have restricted access. Registered AUSI Instructors conducting AUSI Snorkel Courses can also download, for FREE, specific course Instructor Packs that contain the relevant Student Participation Agreements, Student Training Records, Student Assessment Forms and Tests.

Who can train and certify AUSI Snorkel Divers?

Only registered AUSI Snorkel Diver Instructors and endorsed AUSI Scuba Instructors can issue AUSI Snorkel Certifications.

AUSI Professional Fees

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