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AUSI Professionals

To be eligible for AUSI Professional Registration you must satisfy one of the following requirements:

  1. Have satisfactorily completed the relevant AUSI Training Program.
  2. Have satisfactorily completed the relevant AUSI Cross-Over (Non-certifying AUSI Professional Status is automatic upon application).

To register as an AUSI Professional, cross-vver candidates must:

  1. Register for AUSI On-line Membership.
  2. Pay the appropriate fee which is usually rebated (see instructions below).
    1. Certifying AUSI Professionals must pay an application fee of AUD110 which upon registration is rebated with eight non-transferable AUSI Certification Forms.
    2. Non-certifying AUSI Professionals (AUSI Snorkel Swimming Instructor, AUSI Snorkel Guide, AUSI Level VI Professional and AUSI Assistant Scuba Instructor) must pay a non-rebatable fee of AU$55.
  3. Complete the relevant AUSI Cross-Over within three months.

AUSI Professional Annual Renewal is due by 30th November each year and can be paid on-line (see instructions below). Rebates DO NOT apply if payment is late.

Instructions for paying on-line for AUSI Professional Registration or Annual Renewal

There are two steps to paying fees:

  1. Register as an AUSI Scuba or Snorkel Professional, as above.
  2. Login to the AUSI site and select " My details ". This will take you to your Membership details - where you can update your membership details, check your payment transactions and change your membership categories. Professional Visitors have the option of registering as Certifying (AUD110) or Non-Certifying Professionals (AUD55). Payment is via PayPal - you may use a PayPal account or pay by credit card. Payment will trigger us to forward AUSI Cross-Over materials for non-AUSI Instructors. Note for cross-over applicants: Failure to complete the AUSI Cross-Over within three months will result in forfeiture of fee.

Annual Professional Renewal is due on the 30th November each year.

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