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Frequently Asked Questions

What does AUSI stand for?

AUSI stands for Associated Underwater Scuba Instructors, our internationals trading name. In Australia, our registered company name is Australian Underwater Scuba Instructors Proprietary Limited. ABN: 19 062 887 969

Is AUSI recognised by other certification agencies?

AUSI is recognised by all the leading Scuba Dive training organisations. AUSI was formally recognised under the National Scuba Qualification Commission in the early 1990’s. Further, AUSI is represented on the Standards Australia Recreational Scuba Committee.

In Australia, Col McKenzie (then of SSI) wrote 22 November 1994: "SSI members will accept all AUSI certification levels and cards." and 27 April 1995 "SSI Australia has always accepted AUSI certification cards at all levels."

Is AUSI an Accredited Training Agency?

AUSI is one of only six Accredited Training Agencies officially recognised by the Commonwealth of Australia (Australian Govenment) to define the standardsand procedures for training in Snorkel or Scuba (Refer SROSNK001A for snorkelling. Refer SROSCB001A for Scuba).

What does Annual Renewal for AUSI Scuba Divers refer to?

In the past AUSI had a policy of annual renewal for newly certified divers. This policy was changed in 2005 and AUSI now issues open dated certification cards however, AUSI strongly suggests that certified divers undergo a refresher course if they have not dived in the past six months or if they have lost confidence.

What does the term “current” mean in reference to prerequisites or certification requirements?

Current refers to diving medicals, first aid certificates, CPR certificates and oxygen provider certificates, where current means that these certificates are valid for five years or as required by local authorities. AUSI strongly recommends that scuba divers should seek a medical opinion from a doctor trained in diving medicine before resuming scuba diving if they have suffered a serious illness, serious injury or suffered Decompression Illness.

I can't see the files as I keep being asked for a password. What does this mean?

The AUSI system is intended to be open license, but that means that you have to agree to the license before viewing files. Publicly available files, such as course notes, merely require registration - after which you will receive a user name and password.

Access to professional or instructor level files, such as instructor training, course procedures, examination systems, etc. requires access at higher levels of security. This is provided by registration as a visiting professional, or by becoming an AUSI Instructor

How do I download the PDF's instead of opening in the browser?

We have not forced a download option for our PDF's because we do not want you to have to make the choic every time. If you wish to download the file instead of viewing, the best solution is to right click on the link and then select "save link as..."

Alternatively, if you would like to open the PDFs in your favourite application, such as directly in Acrobat (Reader), follow this link for instructions on configuring your browser/system to do this. Adobe Reader Advice from Mozilla

Where do I get Adobe Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to read the PDFs on our site. This is available from Adobe:

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