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Welcome to AUSI Scuba. The World's first on-line scuba training agency.
AUSI Scuba as described by the AUSI Scuba Standards, offers many internationally recognised recreational scuba programs.

AUSI Scuba Programs include pre-entry (Introductory) scuba programs, recreational certification programs and a full range of professional recreational scuba programs.

The chart below illustrates the relationship between various AUSI Scuba Programs.

The AUSI Scuba Training Pathway

The diagram below illustrates the pathway through the various AUSI Scuba Programs. Click on the pathway to view the program details.

AUSI Scuba Learning Modules

The AUSI Scuba Training System is a levelled system (Level I to Level VI) where knowledge development is based on AUSI Scuba Learning Modules. An AUSI Scuba Learning Module consists of course notes and a lesson review which is presented during training by an authorised AUSI Scuba Instructor. There are 30 AUSI Scuba Learning Modules in the AUSI Scuba Training System.

AUSI Training Materials

AUSI Definitions, Procedures, Forms, Standards, Teaching Guidelines and Scuba Course Notes can be downloaded FREE, however some files have restricted access. Registered AUSI Scuba Instructors conducting AUSI Scuba Courses can also download, for FREE, specific course AUSI Instructor Packs that contain the relevant Scuba Participation Agreements, Student Training Records, Student Assessment Forms and Tests.

Who can train and certify AUSI Scuba Divers?

Only registered AUSI Scuba Instructors can issue AUSI Scuba Certifications..

AUSI Professional Fees

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