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AUSI Professional Cross-Over Programs

Unlike other industry cross-over programs, AUSI International Cross-Over Programs are fundamentally FREE and OPEN BOOK.
Whilst you are required to pay membership fees and in some cases purchase selected AUSI International product, you are not charged for the actual cross-over unless you fail to complete it.
AUSI International has also developed an open book approach to cross-overs. AUSI International accepts that dive industry professionals are professionally trained and sees no need for cross-over candidates to undergo time consuming and expensive re-examination.

However, to have an understanding of a new training system AUSI International believes it is necessary for professionals to review a training system prior to working within the new system.

Understanding the differences and benefits of AUSI International Training System will then become evident once you work within the new system.

AUSI International provides two levels of cross-over for snorkel and scuba professionals:

  1. AUSI International Facility “Work Now” Cross-Over – for professionals who want to take up immediate employment with an AUSI Training Facility work with or train AUSI Divers but are not authorised to issue AUSI Certifications, and
  2. AUSI International “Certifying” Instructor Cross-Over (link to relevant area) – for professionals who want to train and issue AUSI International Certifications.

In both cases, AUSI Cross-Over tasks can be completed at your leisure!

Please refer to the AUSI Cross-Over Standards (Snorkel Professional, Dive Master, Scuba Instructor) to ascertain specific requirements for the level of AUSI International Cross-Over you require and then select one of the following options:

If you are upgrading to an AUSI International “Certifying” Instructor then choose:

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