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AUSI International Facility “Work Now” Cross-Over
(September 2014)

The AUSI International Facility “Work Now” Cross-Over is designed for professionals who wish to commence work for an AUSI International Training Facility training divers but are not necessarily issuing AUSI International Certifications.

Your “Work Now” cross-over is simply a process of registration, payment, verification of relevant credentials and completion of the relevant open book AUSI Standards & Procedures Exam.

Upon completion of your AUSI International Facility “Work Now” Cross-Over you will become a registered AUSI International “Non-Certifying” Instructor.

Instructors can upgrade to an AUSI International “Certifying” Instructor at any time by purchasing the relevant AUSI International Professional Package and completing the relevant AUSI Workbook.

To complete your AUSI International Cross-Over please:

  1. Register as an AUSI International Internet User, select relevant cross-over you are seeking,
  2. Go to the AUSI On-line Shop and pay the relevant fee,
  3. Submit the following to :
    1. passport style photograph (jpg or mobile phone), and
    2. scans of the following:
      1. your highest other agency certification card (both sides),
      2. current diving medical
      3. current first aid
      4. current CPR
      5. current oxygen provider.

When the above has been FULLY actioned you will receive the relevant documentation required to complete your AUSI International Cross-Over by return e-mail.


  1. In reference to diving medical, workplace first aid, CPR and oxygen provider certificates, the term current means valid for five years unless local authorities require less,
    • In Australia, scuba professionals require a diving medical as defined in AS/NZ 2299.1.
  2. You will have three months to complete your AUSI International Cross-Over from the date of your registration.
  3. Any fees paid are not refundable.
  4. Your fee is also your AUSI International Membership Fee where renewal is required by 31 March each year.
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