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Current AUSI Scuba Course Notes


The theory and requirements of snorkel & scuba diving as expressed in these course notes represent the authorís view of current learning as dated. However, the reader is cautioned that snorkel & scuba diving is a relatively new and dynamically changing discipline. As such, as our understanding and knowledge increase, certain currently held beliefs (some of which are presently subject to some conjecture) may be disproved or modified. The reader is strongly advised to read new literature as it is released and, if necessary, to reassess areas of the text of this work accordingly. While great care and effort have been taken in the preparation of the material presented in these booklets, the author nor publisher warrants that the contents of these works will be entirely suitable for all circumstances which the reader may encounter. It is stressed that first aid procedures vary from time to time and should never be used or adopted to the exclusion of, or in substitution for, medical consultation.

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