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Index Index page for AUSI Forms (08/09)
F1 AUSI Medical History Form (11/10)
F2 AUSI Training Organisation Registration Form (04/17)
F3 AUSI Professional Annual Renewal Form (03/15)
F4 AUSI Professional Training Program Application Form (12/14)
F5 AUSI Replacement Certification Card Form (12/14) or
request a new plastic card on-line
F6 AUSI Accident Report Form (12/14)
F7 AUSI Cross Over Application Form (04/17)
F8 AUSI Internet Application Form (Obsolete, go to Join on line)
F9 AUSI Scuba Adventure Participation Profile Summary Form (10/05)
F10 AUSI Snorkel & Scuba Diving Participation Agreement (02/09)
F11 AUSI Snorkel & Scuba Diving Participation Agreement (Under 18) (02/09)
F12 AUSI Open Water Trainee Referral Form (04/09)
F13 AUSI Professional Training Application Form (08/09)
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Note: These forms are restricted to certain memberships. Some forms are only accessible by Professional Visitors (or higher) and some only by AUSI Instructors.

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