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AUSI provides standards, course notes and teaching guidelines for both scuba and snorkel trainees. AUSI Standards meet appropriate International and Australian Standards and Codes of Practice, where relevant.

The AUSI Scuba Training System includes:

  1. Resort Scuba Diving,
  2. Six levels of formal scuba training:
    1. Supervised open water diver (Level I),
    2. International Open Water (Level II),
    3. Advanced Diver (Level III),
    4. Deep Diver (Level IV),
    5. Master Diver (Level V), and
    6. Dive Master (Level VI & Level VI Pro),
  3. Many specialties including Rescue Diver, and
  4. Eight levels of scuba instructor from Level I Resort Scuba Instructor to Level VIII -Instructor Examiner.

The AUSI Snorkel System is autonomous from the AUSI Scuba System and divers do not have to follow a scuba education and qualification pathway to become snorkel professionals.

The AUSI Snorkel Training System includes:

  1. Snorkel Swimming,
  2. Snorkel Diving,
  3. Free Diving,
  4. Snorkel Guide,
  5. Snorkel Diver Instructor, and
  6. Snorkel Diver Instructor Trainer.

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